There is something intriguing around the idea of the unknown. Whether this comes to Feelds as a thirst for exploration or a relentless drive for self-discovery, onward seems to be the only direction.

Feelds, the Melbourne-based project of James Seymour, has quickly grown into a fully-fledged outfit, defined by clever songwriting used to provoke a dynamic soundscape of honest storytelling. After selling out the launch of his EP, ‘Hunch’ in early 2018, Feelds quickly turned his attention to crafting his debut album. Initial singles, ‘Kill The Moon’ & ‘Bloody Mary’ earned him rotation on triple J and Double J. They saw Feelds tour with the likes of Gretta Ray, Didirri and Clea, and provided a firm platform for him to launch ‘Glass Arms’, the final single taken from the record, to be released later in 2019.

The self-produced debut album, ‘Cut Your Teeth’, draws inspiration from the past life that his parents led as Karate champions. After stumbling across a photo album from when they met on ‘Karate Camp’ in the 70s, Feelds has elaborated on this story through songwriting, imagery & storytelling. Now, backed with an assiduous new band, Feelds has truly transformed an honest idea into an all-encompassing performance.

Photos by Nick Mckk


Live Band:

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / James Seymour
Synth, Vocals / Katie Wighton
Drums, Vocals / Jarred Young
Electric Guitar / Daniel O’Keefe
Bass / Mark Webber









_Cut Your Teeth_2.jpg

'Cut Your Teeth' LP

due 20 Sep 2019

Debut EP, released in Feb 2018

'Hunch' EP

released Feb 2018



16.11.2018 / DOP, Direction by Nick Mckk

27.06.2018 / Live at Baked Goods


photos by Nick Mckk

Feelds’ strength lies in compressing complex feelings and experiences into enchanting bite-sized three minute pieces.
— Debbie Carr, Pilerats
Swirling mix of moods, delivered with confidence.
— Richard Kingsmill, triple j
The arrangement tells just as much of the story as the lyrics do, and you can very quickly receive the same message from each, independent of it’s partner. It really is a piece of work, carefully crafted for maximum conceptual effect.
— The Nude Word


'Cut Your Teeth' LP, due 2019

'Hunch' EP, Feb 2018